Meet Your Teachers.


| Pilates | Boxing | Yoga | Reformer |

Claire’s movement journey began over six years ago with Bikram Yoga and evolved to include Pilates formats also. Claire has a deep understanding of both modalities and enjoys exploring mindful movement, breath work and postures to create challenge and release in equal measure. Competitive by nature, Claire will leave you feeling strong and worked-out after her classes. @clairem.c



| Pilates | Boxing | Reformer |

Krushi loves Pilates. One of the many things she loves about the Method is how it helps people feel empowered about their bodies and mind. When you work out with Krushi, her #1 goal is to help you feel supported and confident in your Pilates experience. She always has a smile on her face and you're pretty much guaranteed to leave her classes with a smile on your face too! @krushi.shah



| Pilates | Boxing | Reformer |

Aimee discovered hot yoga over 10 years ago and has always been drawn to the power of the practice to uplift and inspire; her passion and talent for Pilates followed soon after. Aimee's energy and enthusiasm shines right through the screen, so you'll always finish her classes feeling nourished and energised in equal parts. She loves helping others to feel fit and strong in body and mind. @aimee_oneill84



| Yoga | Meditation |

Harry is a 500hr Yoga Teacher specialising in Vinyasa and Meditation. Harry was drawn to Yoga for the accessibility of the ancient scientific method for connecting to the all-pervasive, omnipresent consciousness that resides within. With Harry you will explore how Yoga naturally expands the boundaries of body, mind and soul, and the practice will reflect in the wellbeing of the planet. @earthharmony_



| Yoga | On the Ball |

Astrid, also a 500hr Yoga Teacher, has had a life-long love affair with the practice. With Astrid you will explore Yoga not only as a physical asana, but as a mixture of practices rich with benefits for emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. She is also interested in the study of joint health and mobility training: her expertise is available to you in our Movement Room with our special format: On The Ball. @astridvanmourik



| Yoga | Meditation |

Yoga has played a transformational healing role in Kat’s life that saw her go from the corporate life to holistic wellness advocate. Outside of the Studio, Kat is a Usui Reiki Master and intuitive healer. In Kat's classes you will find her combining metaphysics and movement as she weaves her love for the Chakras, Chinese Meridians and current energy forecasting into her programming. @kat_serenholistic_yogakat



| Yoga | Meditation |

Bec has a dance background and was drawn to Yoga not just for the physical benefits, but also the therapeutic power of using breath and movement to create mindfulness. Bec has a wealth of experience and her adventurous, energetic and positive spirit shines through her teaching: join Bec to refocus, centre, and let go! @becfrasca


| Pilates | Boxing | Yoga | Reformer |

Hannah's love affair with Yoga and Pilates dates over 10 years; she finds joy in sharing her passion for health and fitness with Students. Hannah is passionate about combining modalities not only for an effective workout but to also prevent injury, manage pain - and find calm in the everyday! @hanskrisyogini


| Yoga | Meditation |

Lewy has been a professional bodyboarder since he was a teenager and discovered Yoga for rehabilitation and pain management. He credits regular practise with getting him into the best shape of his life, physically and mentally, and introducing him to the life-changing practice of mindfulness. 


| Yoga | Meditation |

Lena lives her truth: 'practice what you preach'. She has a deep love for helping others find their freedom and relief through bodywork. Lena also practices Reiki, Remedial Massage and Alternative Therapies; expertise she incorporates into her guided meditation classes. @healthibodhi


| Yoga |

Jodie is a fun loving teacher with 15 years' experience. When living in Canada, she became very passionate about Ashtanga Yoga and Rocket Yoga. Jodie believes it is not about the pose or getting "there": you're already there! You are on a journey to your highest and brightest self. Explore each breath, movement and moment. @jodieneault